People don’t take trips,
trips take people.

John Steinbeck

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Retreat Anywhere:
  • A “Build-Your-Own” City Retreat
  • By Shanan Kelley

Two horses tied up to a wooden fence.

Three Weeks In Wyoming

Jackson Hole is the perfect base camp for whatever type of adventure you’re after.

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Man and woman walking past rustic building with palm tree in front of it.

Top Ten Most Romantic Cities

Ten sexy cities guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.

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Blue and red berries on the vine.

Visit Blackberry Farm in the Smoky Mountains

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A healthy outside
starts from the inside.

Dried kale

  • Good Gut Health
  • When You’re Traveling
Woman holding green smoothie.

Delicious Beverages That Are Good for Your Health

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Profile of a woman, her long hair covering half of her face.

The Transformative Power of Myofascial Release

The best treatment for chronic pain that you’ve never heard of.

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White liquid in a mason jar.

Simple Ways to Improve Digestion Now

Most folks need a little help with digestion. Here are some easy tips for a happy belly.

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Nurturing yourself isn’t
selfish, it’s essential.

Bunches of freshly-picked vegetables.

  • The Benefits of
  • a Home Garden
Woman in rustic gym, working out.

A Powerfully Portable Workout for Any Time, Anywhere

How to use a pack of cards as your own personal trainer, at home and on the road.

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Wooden table with a tin of green Matcha powder and a spoonful of green Matcha powder on it.

Nutrition for Stress Support

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Organic Meal Delivery Services: Are They Worth It?

Having meals delivered can save precious time and energy, but do they live up to the hype? The short answer is yes.

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