By Andrea Drever

Content and Editorial Director

Telehealth is becoming a larger part of almost every physician’s practice. Usually, it entails patients making an appointment, then connecting with a healthcare provider via video. But now people are embracing something even simpler and faster. Chat Care.

Via chat-only conversations, patients are now able to access instant, on-demand care. They can get medical advice and guidance, receive a diagnosis and treatment, obtain prescriptions and refills, schedule appointments and get referrals, all through chat.

Some of the common illnesses people are using Chat Care to address include allergies, anxiety, asthma, coughs, depression, hypertension, insomnia, sinusitis, UTIs and many more. They can even upload photos to help their doctor better understand their health concerns.

Chat Care is a quick conversation that typically takes only a few minutes. A summary of each chat is added instantly to the patient’s medical record and is accessible to them. If it's determined that an in-person visit is required, the visit can be scheduled from within the chat session.

This new, easy way of getting care is allowing people to chat their way to better health.

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